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Deon Toure was born in Linden, Guyana in 1979. Subsequent to his father's troubles spilling into their home-life, he and his mother migrate to the United States when Deon is only six years old. 


For the immigrants, making a living in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn is not an easy task. Suhati, his mother, works hard to sustain a stable lifestyle and shield Deon from the negativity that surrounds them. But nothing is ever enough. 


After an altercation with a bully, Deon befriends a neighborhood hustler by the name of Jayson "Jay-Roc" Washington. Jay-Roc teaches Deon the street-life and schools him on the skills needed to survive the concrete jungle. He taught him fear equals control and Deon soon adapts to his environment, like a chameleon. 


It’s not long before Deon is immersed in the exact lifestyle his mother tried to shelter him from. He’s taking steps in the same shoes his father walked in, down a similar road to danger, and he’s too blind to realize it.


When he does opens his eyes to what life is; will it be too late? 


KING is a grimy, heart felt, street tale of lust, envy, and hate. When the pressure is applied, only the strong will subsist and everything done in the shadows will come to light. 


Love is blind, karma is real, and vengeance is the sweetest joy. How long will it take Deon to learn jealousy destroys from within?


Brace yourself for the ride of your life. He who embraces the crown is considered KING.


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