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Updated: Oct 29

Born in the vibrant city of New Rochelle, New York, T.M. Jefferson embarked on a  literary journey that would leave a mark on the world of independent publishing.


T.M. Jefferson’s story takes an extraordinary turn as he penned his debut book, “A Drug Dealer’s Dream,” while incarcerated. In 2008, despite the confines of his circumstances, he self-published this gripping work. The book quickly garnered attention and acclaim, earning rave reviews from readers on Amazon. This initial success fueled T.M.’s passion for storytelling, leading to the release of his sophomore masterpiece, KING,” in 2011. “KING” became a sensation, not only capturing hearts but also earning the prestigious Amazon Bestseller award. Thousands of paperbacks found their way into the hands of eager readers, making “KING” an unforgettable literary triumph.

King book cover image

But T.M. Jefferson’s ambition didn’t stop there. In 2014, he took a leap of faith and founded his independent publishing company, KING PUBLISHING GROUP (KPG). This venture was met with resounding success as T.M. nurtured and supported talented authors, releasing over 50 captivating titles. His dedication and vision earned him consecutive nominations for the Best Independent Publisher in 2014 and 2015, solidifying KPG’s position at the forefront of the independent publishing scene.

While the publishing landscape shifted over the years, T.M. Jefferson’s passion for storytelling remained. After a brief hiatus, he reemerged in 2022 with a fresh start, introducing TMJ BOOKS (THE MIND’S JOURNEY), to the literary world.

June 2023 marked a milestone in T.M.‘s career with the release of his memoir, “CHANGE THE GAME.” This introspective journey through words allowed readers to delve deeper into T.M. Jefferson’s life experiences and creative mindset.

"A poignant reminder that, even in the darkest of circumstances, it is possible to find hope..."

Known for his vividly descriptive and enthralling writing style, T.M. Jefferson’s stories have the remarkable ability to place readers squarely in the minds of the characters, creating a truly immersive experience. His literary repertoire spans across genres, from gripping street fiction to captivating historical fiction and, most recently, a thought-provoking memoir.

As T.M. Jefferson continues to craft new literary works, his legacy as both a prolific author and an innovative independent publisher remains an inspiration to aspiring writers and avid readers alike. With each word he writes, he continues to redefine the boundaries of storytelling, inviting readers to embark on a captivating journey through the realm of imagination.

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